Financial and Digital Education

We provide educational programs to support
parents and their children as they build the
habit of savings.

Course content is embedded in The Savings Collaborative’s digital savings tool.

The Savings Collaborative educational programs develop people’s essential financial management skills, focusing on savings, spending, debt, financial goal setting, budgeting. Programs are culturally relevant, experiential, provided in Spanish and English, and

The Savings Collaborative’s financial tool
enables members to

  1. Understand their income, expenses,
    and budget.
  2. See possible ways to spend less and
    save more.
  3. Commit to a financial plan.
  4. Establish goals for an emergency fund.
  5. Envision a future in which their dreams
    are possible.
  6. It also improves people’s digital skills,
    particularly learning to use a mobile app.

Ambassadors bring a
very humane touch to
the interaction

The Savings Collaborative ambassadors provide education and training courses
in-person and on Zoom to small groups. It is also possible for
people to use it on their own.

Start saving now with The Savings Collaborative